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HR Handled Right

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Through our employee relations training and consultation services, we help employers prevent litigation, resolve conflict and optimize productivity. Unlike many HR consulting firms, we don’t try to be a “one-stop” shop. We stick to what we do best – combine legal and psychological expertise to teach managers, HR staff, executives and employees how to be interpersonal leaders. It’s these skills that will determine how happy, productive and lawsuit-free your work environment is. Whether you’re looking to teach people management skills to new supervisors, need to provide sexual harassment prevention to your entire staff, or need an expert to investigate an employee morale problem, you’ve come to the right place. Call us at 858-481-8625 for a free phone consultation.

Liability Prevention and Management

AB 1825 Training

Professional Conduct in Healthcare

Appropriate Workplace Behavior

• Preventing and Responding to Workplace Violence

• Legal and Effective Interviewing

How to Conduct Internal Misconduct Investigations (for HR)

Lawsuit-Proof Discipline and Termination

Performance Management

• Management Skills for New Supervisors

• Coaching and Counseling for Peak Performance

• Managing Employee Performance

• How to Handle Conduct Problems and Other Tough Employees

Conflict Management

Defusing Angry and Difficult Customers

Dealing with Difficult People

Preventing and Resolving Employee Conflict

• Building Better Work Relationships HR Support

Executive Coaching

Independent Sexual Harassment Investigations

HR Training