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Appropriate Workplace Behavior (Online Training Courses)

What are the Appropriate Workplace Behavior training courses?

The Appropriate Workplace Behavior training courses are online courses designed to teach managers and employees how to effectively behave at work and to help them eliminate workplace behavior that creates legal risks or that disrupts work relationships.

The courses are designed to help employers meet the “good faith effort” required to prevent harassment and discrimination and to help promote and create awareness for safe workplace dating, good communication and effective use of workplace humor.

How will these training courses help your company?

I don’t think I have ever come across a company that had employees who acted appropriately at work 100% of the time. These courses are designed to help employers address the issues associated with inappropriate workplace behavior in a non-threatening and effective way. The course is designed for, and would be effective for all levels of employees and management. These training courses can help bring awareness to issues that most people don’t even realize they have problems with and to encourage employees/managers to be more aware of their comments and actions. The appropriate workplace behavior courses can go a long way to keeping your company out of legal hot water.

What courses are available?

The training series covers a variety of different workplace behavior topics, which are:

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: The Continuum of Workplace Behavior
  • Humor That Works at Work: Effective Humor Guidelines
  • Surviving Office Romance: Safe Dating Strategies
  • Don’t Be Discriminating: Discrimination and the Law
  • Some People Want to Be Sexually Harassed (and other tall tales)
  • How to Say “Knock It Off” and Be Heard-Individual Response Strategies to Offensive Behavior
  • The Buck Stops Here: Managing Offensive Behavior
  • Appropriate WorkPlace Behavior Certificate Series

The Appropriate WorkPlace Behavior Certificate Series consists of seven classes that address the full range of workplace behavior issues. To total time it takes to obtain the certificate is approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Each course ranges in length from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.


To go through the entire series of courses the cost is as follows:
Managers: $149.00
Employees: $99.00

To takes the courses individually the price ranges from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on the length of the course.

What I liked about the courses

The length of the courses is perfect. A lot of training courses or seminars you sit through are way too long and lose the interest of the employee/manager about half way through. These training courses offer material that is presented in an easy to read format, with an instructors voice guiding them through and only last about 15 to 45 minutes. I also liked that the instructor addressed the fact that most people are not crazy about training and stated why training is necessary. I think this helps eliminate misconceptions right away.

The courses were also extremely interactive, which also holds the participants attention. Throughout the courses the employee/manager reads scenarios and answers online trivia and quiz questions. These questions do not simply involve the click of an online button; the employee is required to enter an explanation for choosing that answer. The employees/managers are also presented with tips and insight on how to effectively behave at work and on how to implement the training they are receiving into their everyday lives.

I also thought that the set up of the training screen was effective, because it allowed the employee/manager to go through the course at their own pace. The employee/manager could move forward when they were finished with the screen or flip back if they needed to refer to something.

What could be improved?

I thought it would be nice if the employee had a print option for the material that was presented. Some of the tips provided could act as great inspirational quotes that employees could hang up at their desks, or if employees wanted to keep the material for future reference the print outs would come in handy.


As far as online training courses go I think that the Appropriate Workplace Behavior Series is effective and useful. The courses provide information that every company should be teaching their employees. Work Relationships, Inc is providing a valuable resource at a very reasonable cost.

Company information

For over a decade, WorkRelationships has helped companies in Canada, the U.S., Finland, Mexico and New Zealand reduce legal risks and increase profits through effective work relationships.

From harassment/discrimination prevention to interpersonal skills for technical managers, WorkRelationships (858-481-8625) can helps companies eliminate inappropriate workplace behavior and be more effective managers and employees.

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