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HR Handled Right

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Do you have an informative way to help with your work relationship challenges? What if when you came to this page every month, you could not only gain knowledge on effective workplace behavior but pass this information on to your associates? Thousands of professionals read our articles every month to get help managing their interpersonal risks.

Dr. Joni Johnston the CEO of WorkRelationships Inc. has been training organizations on workplace behavior training since 1982. Author of the best-selling Complete Idiots Guide to Psychology and brainchild of the popular and highly appraised Appropriate Workplace Behavior training series, Dr Johnston has been instrumental in helping companies tackle workplace issues before they become costly court cases. Joni, is sought after by numerous HR organizations to write articles for their readership. Below we wanted to provide you with the list of current articles she has written to help organizations develop a more cohesive work environment. She writes new articles every month so be sure to bookmark this page.

Employee Conduct

How to Set Boundaries with Problem Employees
When Crazy in Normal-September 11th, 2001
It’s None of Our Business: When Domestic Violence Comes to Work
Your not the person I hired: How to handle the substance abusing employee
The Psychology of WorkPlace Revenge

Performance Management And Retention

Employment Liability

The Equal Opportunity Harasser Part 1
The Equal Opportunity Harasser Part 2
Bending Over Backwards: Understanding What’s Reasonable in Accommodating Psychiatric Disabilities
Lessons From the Humor Police: How to evaluate workplace humor
Why people sue the boss
Interactional Justice: The Link Between Employee Retention and Employment Lawsuits
Learning Lessons from the U.S.

Hiring And Interviewing

Articles Coming Soon

Discipline And Termination

Management/Employee Development