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HR Handled Right

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We will custom design and deliver training seminars in a number of areas. Our main area of practice is total quality people management, whether it be between manager and employee, (reducing liability through effective management intervention, optimizing employee performance, effective discipline and termination, employee to employee (sexual harassment prevention, dealing with difficult employees, conflict resolution for staff) or manager/employee to customer (defusing angry and hostile customers). Please see our sub-page on training services by clicking here. There you will find details about:


Our Training Philosophy

There are thousands of companies that look like us, but aren’t like us, because our philosophy is different enough to set us apart. If that weren’t so, we would have long had to give up our business. This is what we believe:

  • Our clients deserve custom-designed programs, whether they be in-house training programs or industry association seminar presentations. We’re paid to help YOU, not the average organization. As a result, we believe custom-designed programs should cost NO MORE than canned generic programs.
  • We do NOT believe in selling. We don’t sell our services. We give you information and YOU decide if there is a fit. If you like us, like our philosophy and our work, then you hire us.
  • We invest in the long term. We want you to use us for the things we do best. If we don’t think your current needs are our areas of expertise, we’ll steer you in a different direction.
  • We believe in specialization. Our clients want expert help, not help from someone who has read a book or two on the subject, and figures they might as well give it a shot. We only work in the three areas where we’re sure we can help – performance management, conflict management, and liability prevention and management.
  • We believe corporate education is a process, not an event. As a result, we provide pre-training preparation to facilitate in-course learning, and we provide follow-up to deal with the curve balls as they come up. And we don’t charge for either of these!

If this sounds appealing, give us a call at 858-481-8625
to discuss your specific training needs.

We provide service delivery options as follows:

  • ½ day to 3 day training seminars in performance management, conflict management and liability prevention and management. Some of our most popular programs include our award-winning Appropriate Workplace Behavior class (an AB 1825 compliant harassment/discrimination prevention class), Defusing Angry and Difficult Customers, Conflict Resolution in Healthcare, and
  • Keynote speaking and conference speaking in specialized area and custom built for YOU.
  • Writing & reprint services that provides content for newsletters, magazines and other publications requiring new, innovative article content on a number of issues.
  • Consulting services related to improving employee relations within organizations.

We are planning on doing more speaking at conferences in the year 2005. That’s for several reasons. We believe that often (particularly for managers and executives), the issue isn’t a lack of skills, but being pointed in the wrong direction. We see our role in keynote and conference speaking as helping to aim people at a target. We also believe we can be more helpful in short segments with conference attendees and industry leaders because these days, nobody has much time to spend on long drawn-out training.

Writing & Reprint

We’ve found that many organizations can be helped via the printed word, or are looking for good quality material to use in their newsletters and corporate communication vehicles. We have a large bank of material that you can use in your organization. We also do freelance work for magazines or can write material to order for similar fees. It’s a cost effective way to get a fresh view on things.
For more information call us at: 858-481-8625