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HR Handled Right

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WorkRelationships is a training and consulting company based in Del Mar, California and offering services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Founded in 1991 by a clinical psychologist and labor law attorney, the intent of our services is to help employers reduce liability and increase productivity by focusing on total quality people management.

WorkRelationships, Inc. was founded by a clinical psychologist and a labor law attorney. Since our beginning in 1991, we have operated under a philosophy which reflects this dual expertise. In our training, we encourage managers and employees to focus on what is appropriate at work (such as the effective use of humor, safe dating guidelines, a flexible and adaptive communication style) and to avoid behavior that could be offensive or legally risky.

In addition, of course, is the frequent need for a clear understanding of the law, appropriate managerial and individual response strategies, and clear-cut policies and procedures which, through our dual expertise, we are able to address.

WorkRelationships, Inc. offers an array of service, ranging from expert witness testimony to half- and full-day workshops, to executive coaching sessions. However, we are somewhat unique in that we focus exclusively on workplace relationships, primarily through communication/conflict resolution and harassment/discrimination prevention training and consultation. All of our programs are delivered by a licensed, doctoral level, clinical psychologist.

We are proud of our international training; along with the United States, we have successfully trained managers and employees in New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. We are more than happy to incorporate the legalities of the country in which we are training, a very helpful aspect of the class when we are training ex-pats who are about to enter or who have recently entered the United States.

We look forward to being of service to you.